Starring Madeline Delp and Dmitry Chaplin


“Ballroom” is an inclusive wheelchair ballroom dance movie about a struggling dancer, Violet, who needs the help of the charming ballroom dance instructor, Petro Saenko, to learn all the Latin dances in two weeks for an upcoming crucial audition. When Violet’s depressive mother, Janet, causes her to have a devastating car accident and become paraplegic, Petro helps Violet regain her love for life by showing her she can still dance and audition — in a wheelchair. However, Violet’s controlling mother and Petro’s fiery jealous business partner, Emery, will stop at nothing to prevent Violet from realizing her dreams.


Strictly Ballroom

Movie poster for "Strictly Ballroom"
Cost $3M and made $13M

Friday Night Lights


This movie was inspired by seeing my brother dance with his partner, Mia Schaikewitz. It was so beautiful and powerful.


Mia Schaikewitz shared her story with me of overcoming depression and self-worth issues when she first became paralyzed as a teenager. I identified because I also faced depression and feelings of worthlessness as a teen. This movie was written to help the millions of people struggling with anxiety and depression know that they can change they way they feel. They can heal. They can overcome incredible obstacles and live fulfilling lives.



Recorded by retro-soul band BRUNS & BACHÉ, Ballroom‘s unique soundtrack stands as a piece of art on its own.  Popular dance music from the 1920s & 30s is reimagined with BACHÉ’s creative arrangements and BRUNS’ modern production vision. The band’s driving energy, commanding rock vocals, powerful horn section, soulful backing vocals, and virtuosic solos create a soundscape ideal for the film’s passionate choreography and inspirational storyline.  Special guests musicians include Brazilian sensation Nathi, Sergio Mendez guitarist Kleber Jorge, Phil Collins vocalist Amy Keys, and Katisse Buckingham from Anchorman‘s iconic “Yazz Flute” scene. Recorded at the famous Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA.

“Yearning” by BRUNS & BACHÉ
“It Had to be You (Naughty)” by BRUNS & BACHÉ

Dance Movie Profit Margins

"Take the Lead" movie poster.

Cost: $30 million
Revenue: $65 million

Cost: $6 million
Revenue: $214 million

Cost: $30 million
Revenue: $170 million

Laurence Walsh-Hodson


  • Four shows staffed
  • Two original shows sold
  • Two movies produced
  • “For The Record” won the Excellence Award at Best Film Shorts Competition

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